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Sativah Sistahs Gives

Beyond building a trustworthy brand by positively representing Black women in cannabis, Sativah Sistahs is committed to giving back to our community in a variety of ways. We also want to be known for our charitable work with those most impacted by systemic racism and the failed war on drugs in our community, where Black people are 4 times more likely than whites to be arrested for cannabis despite both groups using cannabis at roughly the same rate.

Plans for charitable actions will include but not be limited to working with organizations to achieve the following goals:

Addressing Post Traumatic Stress

Thru mental-health awareness campaigns, group discussions and meet ups, particularly for communities that are often underserved.

Tackling Food Insecurity

Thru actions like donations to food pantries, putting on fresh produce grow trainings and gardening programs, and a meals-on-wheels for children on summer break.

Battling Childhood Poverty

Thru activities that provide otherwise inaccessible experiences, services and goods to children. Per the US Census Bureau’s Poverty Division, almost 4 in 10 Black children live in a household in poverty, nearly twice the rate of other racial groups.

Our story

We at Sativah Sistahs are dedicated to shining a light on Black women making moves in the cannabis industry and to positively represent cannabis users everywhere.  But, by our founder coming from a disadvantaged background, we are also passionate about trying to make a positive impact in typically underserved and overlooked communities. 

If you’d like to help us work towards these goals and others, you can make a donation in the future to Sativah Sistahs to help fund these charitable ventures. Please stay tuned for more updates on this front!

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