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Sativah Sistahs

is proud to award


Tory L. Brown

Memorial Scholarship For Black Girls And Young Women

Beyond increasing visibility for Black women in cannabis, Sativah Sistahs also wants to increase visibility in other areas. We are proud to create the Tory L. Brown Scholarship for Black Girls and Young Women for students aged 14 – 20 who want to pursue learning opportunities in areas of computer science, such as coding and programming, or areas in illustration and animation, such as anime or manga, or areas of video game design – all areas where Black women are underrepresented.

Rather than simply dispensing money to recipients, Sativah Sistahs wishes help to facilitate internship or learning opportunities and mentoring in addition to providing support funds for the recipients in hopes of making a longer lasting impact. In establishing this scholarship, we wish to recognize and encourage the education and growth of Black girls nationwide.

The scholarship is named after our founder’s best friend, Tory, who passed away at the early age of 42. It will cover these areas and also include the field of fiction writing, with a focus on fantasy and sci-fi. Tory was passionate about all of these areas, and this award hopes to honor her memory. With an understanding that minors will be among award recipients, it should be noted that the subject of cannabis and its use has no relationship with or relevance to the awarding of this scholarship. Minors will need to be represented by a parent or guardian in order to apply.

A word from our founder...

     Tory Brown was the kind of road dawg, the kind of ace that was always down for whatever you wanted to do if she called you a friend. She was there for me during the most important time of my life, developmentally, as a young woman. She was the definition of a woman supporting women. She was the example of a Black woman big-upping and advocating for other Black women. She was often my biggest cheerleader. She was big on loyalty and friendship, acceptance and non-judgment, sisterhood and female-empowerment.

     Following dreams was big to her, and she always wanted to encourage her friends to do just that. But one of my most vivid memories of our young lives was her telling me that her male computer science adviser in college had all but told her she wouldn’t succeed at that major as Black woman. And, at the time, neither of us felt like we had the power to combat that. So when I started Sativah Sistahs, I knew immediately that I wanted to establish a fund that would help other Black girls achieve their goals. And in these areas in particular – all things Tory loved; all sorely underrepresented areas for Black girls – I wanted us to provide the much needed support and encouragement that we wish we’d had access to all those years ago. In loving memory of my friend.

– N.D.

Four areas of focus

computer science

coding & programming


any ESRB rating


including ANIME & MANGA​

Fiction writing

Particularly Fantasy & sci-fi

stay tuned! Sativah Sistahs for the exciting rollout of this scholarship fund!
More details to follow in the coming months.

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