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The Sativah Sistahs Mission...

Per the Cannabis Consumers Coalition report on Cannabis Consumer Demographics and Consumption Habits, 58.35% of cannabis consumers are women, and yet Black women are conspicuously absent in current marketing trends for legal cannabis. In short, we’re not being seen. We at Sativah Sistahs are seeking to change that by re-positioning Black women at the forefront of the cannabis space. Despite current patterns of sidelining Black women, there is plenty of room for us to be represented here. We’re carving out a lane. We’re making it our mission at Sativah Sistahs to help bring Black women in from the fringes and center them in the cannabis and hemp movement, so Black women feature prominently in our merchandise, our interview clips and every aspect of our business. We want it to be known – in no uncertain terms – We. Are. Here.

About Our Logo...

PortraitSSMainLogo-No Words

Black women feature prominently in every aspect of our business, and that’s evident immediately in our logo – a Black woman with a ‘fro. She’s holding a dark red heart with an asterisk-shaped cannabis symbol in the center of it. She’s uplifting and offering love and healing centered around the herb, and she’s representing all that is beautiful about femininity and cannabis. 

Being Like Tory...

To represent the Sativah Sistahs mindset and mantra in action, using cannabis while living everyday life, we have a Black woman character designed to represent all Black women. She is an unapologetic weed-smoker. Her big afro and full lips wrapped around a smoking spliff are signature to her look, as is the dark red heart with the asterisk-shaped cannabis leaf in the center of her torso. After her design was complete, this iconic figure needed a name. Our founder decided to name her Tory as a tribute to her her best friend – a fellow cannabis user – who passed away too soon. 

The philosophy of “Being Like Tory” is all about just living and doing you, and using cannabis in whatever way fits your life. Whether it’s lighting up to chill out, to calm your nerves or to have fun – whatever it is – being like Tory represents lighting up proudly and just doing you. She embodies an alternative to the “standard” and enthusiastic self-care. The iconic Tory emblem represents coolness and chill and appreciation for the herb. And no matter who you are, everybody can get down with that.


Dope Merch

Show your love for the miracle plant, and rep your place in tribe of Sativah Sistahs cannabis devotees with our line of tees, hoodies and much more!  Whether you want it out on front street with our “Be Like Tory” line or you wan to rep a little more discreetly with our original logo, we got you.

Edutainment Clips

Check out our interviews with dope Black women making moves in the cannabis space. Whether they’re treating patients with cannabis, advocating for legalization, running a dispensary or any of the many ways we’re operating in the world of cannabis, we’re here to amplify our voices and shed light on all the ways our community interacts with and benefits from cannabis. Holla at us if you’re a Black woman who wants to sit down with us and tell us your story. Our most recent clip is below. See the rest of our videos on our YouTube channel here.

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