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A Dope Apparel Company

Sativah Sistahs

seeks to increase awareness of Black Women in cannabis via 2 key areas of visual representation: merchandise & interviews:


Dope Merch.

Show your love for the miracle plant, and rep your place in tribe of Sativah Sistahs cannabis devotees with our line of tees, hoodies and much more! This is a brand for MJ enthusiasts. Whether you are a Black woman, or you simply want to show your support, or you just happen to love dope imagery on your gear, this line is for you. Whether you want it out on front street with our “Be Like Tory” line or you want to rep a little more discreetly with our main logo, we got you.

T-Shirts (Women's & Unisex)
Accessories & Extras
Hoodies & Jackets
Long Sleeves, Sleeveless & Body Suits
Wall Art
Hats & Beanies

Edutainment Interviews.

Check out Sativah Sistahs interviews with dope Black women making moves in the cannabis space. 

Whether they’re treating patients with cannabis, advocating for legalization, running a dispensary or any of the many ways we’re operating in the world of cannabis, we’re here to amplify our voices and shed light on all the ways our community interacts with and benefits from cannabis. Holla at us if you’re a Black woman who wants to sit down with us and tell us your story.

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